A healthy lifestyle begins with the right nutrition, according to Uri Mayer-Chissick (Ph.D), a researcher specializing in the history of Near-Eastern medicine and nutrition.

With his knowledge, Uri will guide you towards a healthy and tasteful nutrition.

Consultations and are held at the client’s house, Healthy Nutrition classes are given all around Israel.

Uri also specializes at talking about the history of local food and medicine , Gathering wild edible plants and gourmet healthy dinners.

Talks and Lectures

How to improve your health with advice from ancient physicians? ancient doctors like Maimonides and others didn’t think about health and illness quite the way we do, they had a whole different approach to it. granted- they could probably not save you after a car accident, but they did an interestingly great job with keeping their patients’ health. How did they do that? what can we learn from them? How can we use their knowledge to better our health?

From fruits to fruity loops – the crazy and dangerous history of sugar.  How did sugar make it from extremely expensive to the cheapest product on the shelf?   and why is it possibly the single most dangerous thing humanity has ever done?

Locavoring ourselves into a community. A rigorous academic carrier didn’t prepare food and nutrition historian Uri Mayer-Chissick for his wife’s revolutionary suggestion to self-experiment. So he took up a whole year local food thinking that it would be easy for someone living in rural Israel. Soon he found out that even there most of the food was imported, grown and processed by workers who can’t afford buying it, in a manner that jeopardizes the environment and the consumer’s health. The solution he found – a resilient community.

Photo by Or Kaplan

Workshops and Hands-on Classes

Healthy Baking – bread and baked goods might be the worst thing for your health. But they don’t have to be!! utilizing traditional baking methods, you can easily make fresh whole grain tasty bread in your home kitchen. Using dry sourdough and whole meal you can also create pastry that is as tasty as it is healthy!

Eating locally – knowing the origins of our food is easy and it’s also crucial for leading a healthier life style. Israel’s leading advocate and researcher of local food shows us how to apply the important  essentials to our kitchen and eating habits.

Fermentation and Good Germ! – As a traditional nutritionist and a researcher of local preservation technologies, Uri teaches that some germs are actually essential to our digestive process. We learn how to invite the useful germs into our food and create great and tasteful fermented food – sauerkraut, pickles, Mideastern fermented honey liqueur, sour dough,  creamy vegan cashew yogurt, a spicy natural hot sauce and much more!

Photo by Aya Fremkel
Photo by Aya Frenkel

Healthy Eating Made Easy (and Tasty!) – Healthy food should not be synonymous with a bland and pale menu. Dr. Mayer-Chissick suggests a few ways to brighten up your kitchen and lighten-up your life with the simplest and healthiest products.

A Healthy Mediterranean diet – The local Israeli diet is filled with olive oil, fresh produce and local fruits and vegetables. Israelis eat a lot and yet if they eat the traditional food they keep good shape and health. How might a North-American benefit from the local Middle-Eastern habits? Let’s cook some great hummus and talk over bowls of colorful salads and Israeli tapas.

Photo by Irus Hayoun Rozenfeld